I am an experienced tech leader with strong analytical problem-solving skills and am comfortable working with various programming languages, software platforms, and people. I’ve been writing software professionally for over 12 years and have dabbled in several different technologies and platforms. The most prominent tools in my toolbox are Python and Vim. I’ve used both for over a decade and love both. However, I also work with and enjoy Linux, Bash, Elixir, Golang, and JavaScript.

I’ve worked fully remote for over five years at this point and enjoy the flexibility it brings my family and me. My job background has been mostly web-based technologies and related systems. I usually find myself somewhere between dev and ops and often take on a DevOps-flavored engineer’s role.

Over my career, however, I have transitioned from engineering primarily to management. I have led small engineering teams as a tech lead and then moved to a director position, and currently, I am operating as the VP of Engineering at BriteCore. I am responsible for ensuring that product requirements are met, overseeing user experiences' consistency, and managing a team of fantastic engineers building an enterprise-level cloud-based core insurance platform.

On a personal note, I’m a gamer, basketball fan, and musician from Springfield, MO, where my lovely wife and I raise our two kiddos.

If you’d like to connect, please email me or reach out on Twitter or LinkedIn!